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How to Use Jade Rollers Effectively

How to Use Jade Rollers Effectively

Jade rollers are one of the most amazing inventions to be introduced in the beauty and skin care industry. I have been asked many times if they work; others claimed they did not know how to use jade rollers effectively.

Jade rollers work excellently if you know how to use them. I have written this article to give you a step by step guide on how to use jade rollers effectively.

For the benefit of my readers who don’t know what jade rollers are, I will start with a brief description of this amazing skin care accessory.

Jade rollers are hand-held anti-aging skin care tools that rejuvenate your facial skin to make you look younger with an improved skin tone. The jade rollers work by massaging your facial skin and the muscles beneath to promote circulation that nourishes your skin. After using jade rollers, you will have a glow that is hardly attainable with other skin care products.

How to use jade rollers effectively

It is a great idea to identify what you want to achieve before using jade rollers. They can be used as a solution to puffy eye bags, to increase circulation, and make your facial skin firmer.

There are two jade stones fixed to the rollers; one is small and the other much larger. The smaller stone is used to reach areas around your eyes and your mouth. The larger stone is used for facial areas with more skin such as your cheeks and forehead.

To get the best results, the stone should be cold. Naturally, jade stones can maintain a low temperature even in the hot weather. However, for an effective skincare process, you should place your jade roller in a refrigerator for at least 8 minutes before your scheduled facial treatment.

Next step, get out your hydrating mask while the jade roller is cooling in the refrigerator. I recommend a hydrating mask rather than other facial mixtures because your goal is to eliminate all traces of oils and residues that can clog the pores in your facial skin. Rolling the jade stone over a hydrating mask infuses the oil-free coating into your skin for a moisturizing effect. So apply a hydrating mask over your face.

When your jade roller is ready, you can start facial treatment. To use the jade roller effectively, you must apply consistent pressure while rolling the stone over your skin firmly.


The right gliding pattern with a jade roller

Now, this is an important part of the process. Many people don’t get the desired results after using a jade roller because they use a wrong gliding pattern.

The following is a description of how you should roll the jade stone over your skin for an effective result.

The rolling motion should start at the bottom of your face, moving your hand in an outward direction towards your ears and hairline. For example, if your goal is to reduce puffy looking eye bags, you should roll the smaller jade stone over the areas beneath your eyes towards your ears; all gliding motions should be outward.

You should reduce the pressure when rolling the small jade stone over your eyelids, treat your face cheeks to a gentle massage by starting from the areas around your nose, and roll the stone over your cheeks, outward, to your ears. Repeat this motion for your chin; roll the jade stone towards the hairline behind your ears.

The main idea is to maintain a consistent pressure and an outward gliding motion while using the jade roller. Follow these tips, and you will effectively improve your facial features with the jade roller.